Review: DVDES-366


Basic Facts
Serial DVDES-366
Title 投稿シナリオVer LEVEL.02 美人パンスト営業員編
(Translated) Submission scenario Ver LEVEL.02 Beautiful pantyhose business member
Series 淫猥レズバトル (Obscene lesbian battle)
Supervision CAP
Runtime ~1 Hour 50 Minutes
Manufacturer ディープス (DEEPS)
Released 2010/12/07
Actresses 2
大塚咲 (小野沙樹、大滝佐紀) (Ootsuka Saki)
水沢真樹 (Mizusawa Maki)
Theme Mature women, MILF, Pantyhose, Stockings, Foot / Leg fetish, Office Ladies
Sub-Genres Foot fetish, Kissing, Fingering, Oil, Masturbation, Squirting, Cunnilingus, 69, Scissoring, Toys
Locations Office, Bedroom

Basic Information
(TheReviewer) In this installment of the 淫猥レズバトル (Obscene lesbian battle) series we have 2 mature actresses: Ootsuka Saki (you should be familiar with her if you are into レズ JAV’s, but if you don’t know her yet, you can check out my Review to ANND-036) and Mizusawa Maki. To be honest: The first movie with Maki that i’ve ever seen was this one. At first, i wasn’t that much into her, but for some reason this title was stuck in my head. Last thing i know: Maki became one of my favorite レズ JAV actresses. She really is a ravishing, erotic cougar, but you’ll see that in a few seconds. Oh, and she also has quite a few appereances in those battle-themed レズ JAV’s. But enough with the chit-chat, let’s get to the “meat” of this post: The movie! So JTM. Would you please…

Basic story
(JTM) Mizusawa Maki is the top earning sales agent with the fashion longerie and pantyhose/stocking designer ‘Macoal’. She is ranked as the ‘No. 1′ in overall sales and has an impressive client list including the wealthy Ms. Kikkawa. Her sales techniques are a bit unorthodox but get her the all important sales. However an up-and-coming rival appears in the way of Otsuka Saki with competitor company ‘Michia’ who tries to beat Maki at her own game. Thus begins a truly epic ‘Lez Battle’!

Scene breakdown
(TheReviewer) Before JTM get’s to the story, i want to adress that there are actually 3 actresses in this movie. The two i already mentioned above and a third one that i’ve never seen before, i think. Take a quick look at the screenshots and if you know who she is, us know, because JTM and me, we both tried to find out any informations about her, but we didn’t find anything, (even on DEEP’s side she gets no credit) so JTM thinks that she is either an amateur or even a DEEP’s staff member. Who knows?
Anyways. Story time~

(JTM) Top Sales Agent Mizusawa Maki is showing off some of the newest and trendiest in Fall pantyhose
fashions to one of her faithful and wealthy clients, Ms. Kikkawa. The Ms. Kikkawa is impressed by the selection and debates on which style to buy. Maki mentions that she just so happens to be wearing one of the more popular styles and lifts up her toned and shapely leg for the Ms. Kikkawa to see. “You can lick it if you want to”, she says seductively. The Ms. Kikkawa unable to control herself begins to lick Maki’s toes and feet. Maki begins to finger herself teasing Ms. Kikkawa.

Build-up scene
Scene 1
Actresses  Ms. Kikkawa & 水沢真樹 (Mizusawa Maki) / Ms. Kikkawa & 大塚咲 (Ootsuka Saki)
Duration ~13 Minutes
Features Foot fetish, Kissing, Fingering, Oil
Location Office
“Are you aroused”, Maki asks her as she licks and kisses her ear. Maki then begins to deep kiss her Ms. Kikkawa, sucking on her tongue and exchanging spit with her. Maki begins fingering her.
Even though she is wearing pantyhose, Ms. Kikkkawa is still able to get aroused and excited. As Maki continues to stimulate Ms. Kikkawa’s clitoris, she soon reaches orgasm and collapses to the floor. “So what do you think about the products?” Maki asks Ms. Kikkawa. “I’ll buy everything”, Ms. Kikkawa says in ecstasy. As they finish up the sales call, Ms. Kikkawa tells Maki that there is someone she would very much like her to meet.
The next day, Ms. Kikkawa is being “courted” by another sales agent, the beautiful Otsuka Saki.
Saki is kissing Ms. Kikkawa and using message oil to stimulate her pussy and clitoris. Ms. Kikkawa orgasms and falls onto the floor as Saki looks on with an evil smile.DVDES-366 starts off with a bang as we get a really great and erotic MILF seduction scene. I loved how both Maki and Saki fingered the wealthy MILF client, Ms. Kikkawa. I’m not a huge pantyhose fan but it was great seeing the girls finger the client through her sheer pantyhose. The heavy deep kissing bits were also very good. I kind of wished this sequence went a little longer but it’s a great tease to the regular feature.
Rating IIIIIIIIII (8/10)

Honestly: You already see it in the title. This movie is the golden pot if you are into pantyhose, stocking and feet. I just say: The beginning. Oh my. Maki just slides her foot towards Ms. Kikkawa’s face (judging from her facial expression and uncontrolled heavy breathing, she is a HUGE fetishist, apparently) and the way she is pleasuring Maki’s foot combined with her erotic voice and excited sighs plus the pleasure in Maki’s face. AH! It’s just blazing and amazing.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: The whole first scene in general is probably one of the hottest scenes i’ve ever done seen in a レズ JAV so far. Maki slowly satisfies Kikkawa by kissing her neck and touching her (she is also slightly dominant, kinda like Maki “Venus van Milo” Hojo) and the way how Kikkawa is into that is just enormous. But that’s not just going for the scene between her and Maki, because she also fits perfectly with Saki: The constant deep-breathing, the way she is moving her hips as Saki fingers her. Hell, she even falls off of the sofa, while Saki is fingering her:

Ms Kikkawa and Maki
Now THAT’S real passion, no?

And it appears that i’m not the only one who is really impressed by that. Here is a quote from an Akiba-Online Member:
[...]and one of the women has remarkable, shattering orgasms.
It may be a short scene, but this scene is so passionate, erotic and hot that you can rewind it constantly without getting bored. What a remarkable first scene! (Even though i agree with JTM: This scene could’ve been a bit longer.)
Rating IIIIIIIIIII (11/10)

(JTM) A few days later, the wealthy client, Ms. Kikkawa, calls Maki at her company “Macoal’s” office.
“Would you be able to stop by my home again?” she asks. Maki agrees to go see her in 30 minutes.
When Maki arrives at the house, Ms. Kikkawa tells her “There’s someone I really want you meet” and escorts her to a room upstairs. Inside Ms. Kikkawa introduces Maki to rival company “Michia’s” top saleswoman Saki. Somewhat irritated Maki coldly greets Saki and tells her “I’ve heard a lot about you”. Not intimidated, Saki tells Maki that she has also heard a lot about her as well. Saki asks Maki if it would be okay to observe her sales techniques as it would be of great interest to her. Confident in her superior sales techniques, Maki tells Saki that as long as Ms. Kikkawa doesn’t mind then it is okay with her. Ms. Kikkawa agrees to having Saki observe Maki’s sales presentation.
As Maki is showing Ms. Kikkawa the latest pantyhose samples from Macoal’s catalog, Saki interjects and exclaims that the pair of pantyhose that she is wearing from her company’s line is far more luxurious and lifts up her leg to show Ms. Kikkawa. Irritated, Maki snidely quips that Saki’s legs aren’t nearly as fine as her’s. Maki lifts up her leg to show Ms. Kikkawa and Saki. Not backing down, Saki retorts that her leg’s are much more shapely and toned than Maki’s. “Let’s let Ms. Kikkawa decide who has the best legs”, Maki then fires back. Saki and Maki begin rubbing their legs along Ms. Kikkawa’s legs. “I can’t decide whose legs are better” Ms. Kikkawa says frustraited.

Who would you pick
Seriously… who could decide whose leg’s are better?

“Let’s decide this another way”, Maki tells Saki as she hikes up her skirt to reveal her sheer pantyhose and exposed pussy.
“Let’s cut through the crap” Saki tells Maki. “My real  target is you”, Saki then confesses. “I can’t be satisfied until I’m No. 1″ she futher adds. As the two eye each other over. Maki forewarn’s Saki telling her that “I’m strong you know”. “I like it when my opponents are strong”, Saki responds unflinchingly. “Then let’s get it on”, Maki tells Saki boldly.

Round 1
Scene 2
Actresses  大塚咲 (Ootsuka Saki) & 水沢真樹 (Mizusawa Maki) / Ms. Kikkawa
Duration ~25 Minutes
Features Foot fetish, Masturbation, Kissing, Fingering, Squirting, Cunnilingus
Location Office
Then they begin to makeout. Maki and Saki deep kiss each other passionately. Each takes turns sucking each other’s tongue. They then proceed to exchange spit and saliva. Saki and Maki soon begin to shed their clothes. They fondle each other’s breast while remarking at how hard each other’s nipples have become. They then begin to finger each other’s pussy. They start hiking each other’s pantyhose using it to stimulate each other’s clitoris. “Your pretty confident aren’t you for someone who just finished having sex with Ms. Kikkawa”, Maki says confronting Saki. “Don’t worry I’ll make sure to make you orgasm and cum”, Saki mockingly jokes with Maki. They soon begin fingering each other’s pussy remarking all-the-while how wet each has become. They continue to kiss and finger each other hard and roughly. Saki brings out her ‘secret weapon’ a bottle of message oil and begins using it to further stimulate Maki. “Hurry up and orgasm”, Saki tells Maki.
Maki then turns the tables and begins using Saki’s pantyhose to rub against Saki’s pussy. Saki does the same to Maki. “Now comes the real battle”, Maki exclaims as she rips open her pantyhose to expose her pussy. Saki does the same. They then begin fingering each other’s tight pussy. Try as she might to suppress her cries of ecstasy, Saki soon succumbs to Maki’s superior finger work and ejaculates. Maki then sits on Saki’s face and tells her to perform Cunningulus on her.
Watching from the sidelines, Ms. Kikkawa can’t help but also be aroused by the spectacle and masturbates as she watches the two battle it out. Having won over her rival, Saki cackles hysterically as she dominates Saki. Saki cries in the thralls of ecstacy. “You are both amazing”, Ms. Kikkawa remarks as she also orgasms.What an amazing foreplay and lesbian sex scene! I loved the back-and-forth banter that Saki and Maki exchanged as they were fingering and kissing each other. It made the “Lez Battle” scene between the two even more erotic and arousing. The sequence was very much campy and over-the-top but I still found it very interesting to watch the two finger each other vigorously. While I didn’t really care for Maki’s strange laughing fit at the end of the battle, the rest of the sequence was absolutely fun to watch.
Rating IIIIIIIIII (8/10)

This scene. This one right here is probably why i enjoy this series from DEEP’S so much. Usually if you see the word “Lesbian battle” you think of catfights, hairpulling and all of that but this series doesn’t feature any of it (thankfully.) Saki and Maki give you legitimate hot and passionate sex in this scene. Deep kissing, (to be  honest: The kissing doesn’t feel “battleish” it looks more like regular “i’m so steamed up for you” kind of kissing) pantyhose pulling, intense fingering (especially by Maki, since she was able to make Saki come.) And you just have to love how they were standing really close to each other when they were fingering each other in the beginning.
And all of this is accompanied by their erotic voices. The highly antcipated deep breathing that i can’t stress often enough, because it’s just something that makes the scene even better plus the dirty talk between those two is too good.
Oh yeah, the “You are both amazing” from Ms. Kikkawa at the end actually made me giggle, because i thought exactly the same *lol*.
Rating IIIIIIIIII (10/10)

(JTM) One month later, Maki is once again visiting her favorite client Ms. Kikkawa. While putting back on their clothes after another spirited “sex & sales” session, the door bell rings. “I wonder who that could be”, Ms. Kikkawa asks bemused. She checks the security camera system and intercomm and sees that it is Saki paying a visit. Ms. Kikkawa recalls in flashback receiving a call from Saki a few days prior asking the next time Maki was scheduled to come see her again. Ms. Kikkawa asks Maki should she let her in thinking that Maki doesn’t want to see Saki again. Maki however says that it’s okay as she will be heading back to the office anyway. Ms. Kikkawa lets Saki in.
Saki tells Ms. Kikkawa that she wanted to apologize for her behavior and the trouble she caused the last time. Ms. Kikkawa assures Saki that there is nothing to be sorry about and that she can stop by to sell her products to her anytime. Maki excuses herself and is about to leave when Saki grabs her by the arm and tells her that “we have some unfinished business to settle”.
Maki tells Saki that she’s sorry but she doesn’t have time to play but Saki is insistent sarcastically saying “it will only take a few minutes”. “Let me go..I don’t have time for your games”, Maki warns Saki. Saki hold on to Maki even tighter and retorts “I’m not letting you go…we need to have Ms. Kikkawa witness another challenge”. Maki tells Saki “I don’t have time for this and their is no merit for me to participate in your silly challenge”. “And what if I don’t let you go”, Saki mockingly asks Maki. “Then I’ll forcefully make you let me go”, Maki warns Saki. “I can play rough with you too”, Saki finally exclaims and begins to kiss Maki forcefully.

Round 2
Scene 3
Actresses  大塚咲 (Ootsuka Saki) & 水沢真樹 (Mizusawa Maki) / Ms. Kikkawa
Duration ~15 Minutes
Features Kissing, Fingering, Foot fetish, Mastubation
Location Office
Maki resists Saki telling her “there’s a limit to what you should and shouldn’t do”. Saki ignores her and begins fingering Maki’s pussy telling her “I thought you said you had to go”.
“I’m going to make you regret this”, Maki tells Saki. Then Maki and Saki begin fingering each other fiercely. As Ms. Kikkawa watches and masturbates in the background, Saki soon gets the upper hand on Maki, dry humping Maki with her leg until she drops to the floor in ecstasy. Saki savoring her victory over Maki binds Maki’s hands over her head and tears open Maki’s pantyhose. Saki then uses her foot to stimulate and arouse Maki’s pussy. Maki tries her best not to cry in ecstasy but begins to waiver as Saki continues her foot assault. “I’m not finished with you yet” Saki mocks Maki and then forces her to suck on her toes and foot. Saki laughs in triumph as Saki lies defeated and exhausted on the floor.
This particular sequence seemed to use more domination and humiliation techniques to which I didn’t really find all that erotic. Granted in the context of the story, I can see why Saki was so brutal with Maki but the way that Saki taunted Maki and forced her to submit to her was a bit off-putting.
Rating IIIIIIIIII (5/10)

They may have neglected the foot fetish in the scene before, but they sure made up for it in this one. And this scene is also features something that i really love and that you see way too less in レズ JAV’s. Saki is pushing Maki at the wall and she is stimulating Maki with her leg.  Hotness! Oh and the foot content. Well. I’m not too much into that one, but this could actually turn into one of your favorite scenes if you happen to be into that.
Aside from that we have once again much eye contact, their over-the-top erotic voices and deep kissing. One can never get enough of that.
But i’m on par with JTM: The way Saki made Maki submit was a bit off-putting, but on the other hand, it’s still a battle. And Saki lost before, so she had her revenge and she definitly doesn’t step down from a challenge. That being said, we have a 1:1 now. Yep, that means that the final scene is right around the corner.
So even though the last piece was a bit too rough for my taste, it’s all perfectly legit, it fits with the story and i also enjoyed it. And as i said: If you are into foot fetish, then you shouldn’t miss this scene.
Rating IIIIIIIIII (7/10)

(JTM) A couple days later, Maki contacts Saki on her cellphone. Maki issues one final challenge to Saki, “winner take all”. Saki hesitates at first but soon agrees to the challenge.

Round 3
Scene 4
Actresses  大塚咲 (Ootsuka Saki) & 水沢真樹 (Mizusawa Maki)
Duration ~40 Minutes
Features Kissing, Fingering, Licking, 69, Scissoring, Toys
Location At home (Bedroom)
That Friday evening, they meet at an upscale hotel room where they confront each other. Neither uttering a word, they strip down to their garters and longerie and begin to “battle it out”. They deep kiss and fondle each other on the bed. They then suck on each other’s breasts and nipples. They soon begin fingering each other vigorously. They soon proceed to perform cunninglus/anningulus on each other in the ’69′ position. Maki cums and orgasms first leaving Saki victorious. Saki sits on Maki’s face and tells her to perform cunningulus on her. After Saki orgasms she gets up to leave laughing at Maki’s defeated face. As Saki starts to put on her clothes, Maki grabs at her saying “we’re not done yet” and forces Saki onto the room’s couch. Maki kisses Saki forcefully. Maki then sucks on Saki’s ample breasts and hard nipples. They both start fingering each other’s pussy. Saki then throws Maki onto the bed and then has sex with her using the ‘scissoring’ position. “Let’s see who cums first” Saki tells Maki. Maki fights back saying “you’re secretly enjoying this aren’t you”. Both Maki and Saki orgasm at the time in a draw. Maki tells Saki “this fight isn’t over until one of us wins” she says with a sneer. Saki then bring out a purple double-headed dildo and uses it on Maki. “Hurry up and cum”, Saki tells Maki.
Just when it looks like Maki is about to orgasm she turns the tables on Saki and makes her orgasm violently. Shivering in ecstasy, Saki begins to cry in defeat as Maki laughs victoriously.
Another awesome sex scene! I loved the vigorous fingering and deep kissing that Saki and  Maki did throughout this sequence. Their taunts and verbal ‘smackdown’ banter was erotic at first but became a bit distracting as they went through the various sex positions. Saki and Maki’s erotic facial expressions when making love were great to watch. I kind of wished they had taken all of their longerie and garters/pantyhose off but I guess being that this video was highlighting the pantyhose fetish, I guess it couldn’t be helped. As with his other videos, director CAP really knows how to finish off in a grand scale and this is no exception. An absolutely great final battle sequence!
Rating IIIIIIIIII (8/10)

Yep. I agree with JTM right there. This scene is a great way to end this movie. There are various sex positions and techniques (fingering, 69, scissoring) and all of that is, once again accompanied by their highly erotic moaning, superb kissing, lots of dirty talk, eye- and bodycontact. Yep, they did everything right in that final scene. I’m kinda disappointed that the final scene had to end with a toy scene to be honest. Not only because i don’t like toys (oh, really TR? *lol*) but also because… well it is a sex fight to determine who is wearing the panties, right? Whoever wins is the boss. So i think the winner should be decided by their experience to make the other one climax and without any special “tools.” I mean, the scenes before didn’t have a toy scene. Why? Exactly: Because they don’t need sex toys. And yeah, the toy scene is “just” about 9 minutes long, but this is how this final scene ends.
However, the ~30 minutes before that are just splendid, as i said. Oh and i want to put a little extra emphasis on the 69 part. This scene contains one of the best 69 parts i’ve seen so far, it’s so hot that i’m always afraid that my hard drive will melt because of it.
Rating IIIIIIIIII (8/10)

(JTM) A couple days later, Maki is visiting Ms. Kikkawa again to show off her new pantyhose design samples. Ms. Kikkawa looks on in surprise (and shock) as Saki joins them and sits on the floor (opening her legs wide) showing off her exposed pussy and wearing the new pantyhose. Saki lowers her head in humiliation as Maki glares at her with a look of contempt and somewhat sinister satisfaction as the scene fades to black and the end title.

Maki 2 : 1. ‘Nuff said

DVDES-366 has an interesting story premise and introduces us to some pretty intriguing 
characters. The whole setup with Maki and Saki battling over who is the “No. 1″ Sales Agent is 
lausible enough (for an AV) and I felt Maki and Saki were convincing in their individual roles albeit they did seem a bit overly sexualized in a campy way. Their ‘Lez Battle’ sequences were very well done and I think were integrated into the story a lot better than in previous entries.
The competition also seemed a bit more balanced with both Saki and Maki winning at least one  challenge each. The tone of the story was a tad darker with both characters eliciting very little  in the way of sympathy through their actions and behavior. The inclusion of the Ms. Kikkawa  character was a nice touch as she acted as another third-party observer to the mayhem and her sex  scenes with Saki and Maki were pretty good as well.

TheReviewer IIIIIIIIII (10/10)
Uh. I’m pretty surprised by your rating, JTM, because i’m pretty impressed by the story. Saki and Maki played their roles perfectly and made the whole story believable. The plot is really good, easy to understand the only thing that may not be something for everyone, is that the plot mostly develops through dialogues, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, even though i don’t get the feeling that they were streched out, so it feels like they put quite some effort into the storyline. And Saki and Maki were the perfect cast for it. As JTM said, the story is pretty “bright” at the beginning, but begins to fade a bit as the story progresses. Also the ending is not really “realistic” but i can live with that. For a JAV standards, i think the story is very good.

The acting was pretty decent for the most part but at times a bit melodramatic and over-the-top. Saki and Maki portrayed their individual characters as shallow, conniving and manipulative ‘bitches’ for the most part (which seems like a standard for this particular series) so it was pretty hard to identify with or sympathize with them was characters. Even when they were being humiliated or ravaged, there really was no connection with these characters outside of seeing them as lustful sexual objects (which I guess was the point). It would have been nice to have at least one of them play the “good girl” as it would have added a lot to the story. The battles would have taken on a more of a “Rocky” approach where the audience could route for the “good girl” to win over the “bad girl” despite all odds.

TheReviewer IIIIIIIIII (9/10)
Yeah, i know what you mean, JTM, there really is no clear line to determine who is the “good girl” and who is the “bad girl”, it’s pretty much like in DVDES-325: Both characters are sort of like a “grey zone” and there is no clear indicator that says “This character is good and this one is bad” but i assume that goes for all the installments in this series.
Still, i think it is not as “harsh” as it was in DVDES-325. Our main characters in DVDES-325 were really bitchy and bossy. This is also the case for this one, but they are not as bitchy and bossy as in DVDES-325, in my opinion. But what this series DOES have in common, is that there is one perticular actress that has a devistating glare. In the 325 one it was Akari who was pretty scary with her crazy glare and in this one it would be Maki. Her facial expression can be very creepy and intimidating.
Also Ms. Kikkawa was pretty enjoyable to watch. She did a good job as the innocent lamb and… passionate observer… wait… passionate observer? Maybe she’s the one, DEEP’S wants us to sympathize with?
But yeah, the ladies did a good job and they were a great cast for the story. As we said: You may not be able to sympathize with the characters, but i think this is also normal for this series.

Sex scenes
Director CAP delievers the goods yet again with this great entry to the “Lez Battle” series. 
His highly erotic direction style is very exciting and is very well paced. There is definitely no lag in the Lez action as we go from one battle to the other. The sex scenes are also quite inventive this time around with both Saki and Maki making use of their sheer pantyhose/stockings to help aid in turning each other on. While I’m not particularly excited over pantyhose/stockings and longerie/garters, it is put to good use in this film and fetish fans of those fashions will definitely find much to be happy about. Visually, Saki and Maki are absolutely gorgeous and have stunning athletic and toned bodies which they get to show off a lot. I’m glad that for the most part they did not resort to using ‘toys’ and instead stayed primarily with using their hands and fingers (that is until the final battle).

TheReviewer IIIIIIIIII (10/10)
Exactly. One of the reasons why this is my favorite installment from the “淫猥レズバトル” series is because of the lack of toys. It is basically just Saki and Maki (who look extremely ravishing, as always) sexing each other up. They have great chemestry, they always have intense body contact, eye-contact they share extremely erotic kisses, their voices are just a delight and our director, CAP, is able to picture this perfectly.
Oh and we should not forget Ms. Kikkawa, who was always in the back, masturbating at the sight of Saki and Maki going for each other… After she had a terrific first scene with both of them, of course.

Rewatch value
I don’t see that much replay value with DVDES-366 unfortunately. The story is somewhat one-note and while the sex scenes are great at first, they don’t really hold up to subsequent multiple 
viewings. Saki and Maki are great eye candy however and fans of theirs may find this to be a worth adding to their collections.

TheReviewer IIIIIIIIII (10/10)
As i said in the beginning: At first i wasn’t really into this title, but for some reason it got stuck in my head (mostly because of Maki… huh… i’m starting to think that i tend to have a weakness for that Name *lol.*)
However, the first scene of the movie, where Maki was pleasing Ms. Kikkawa and after that Saki went for her… phew. Truly a dream coming true for every pantyhose/stocking fan.
The Rewatch value may not be because of the story, who is great, but there is no point in watching it again, if you’ve seen it once, but the sex scenes are something that i could watch in auto repeat.

As with its predecessor DVDES-325, DVDES-364 is a bit of a mixed bag. While the story is an improvement over DVDES-325, it still suffers from some odd plot points and overly campy dialog. 
Saki and Maki are certainly very easy on the eyes and their sex scenes together are very explosive. Both Maki and Saki give good performances but they are at times a bit too vampish for supposed saleswomen. They also don’t really elicit much sympathy from the audience due to their snobbish and almost bitchy attitudes. CAP’s direction style is absolutely wonderful and he really knows how to excite his audience with terrific and highly erotic sex scenes. The actress playing the client Ms. Kikkawa is pretty good in her limited role but is basically relegated to being just a convenient MILF plaything for Saki and Maki to take advantage of both financially and sexually. While there are instances where the story gets a bit dark and exploitative (the domination and humiliation scenes) DVDES-366 still manages to be a great Lez film albeit the ending was particularly dark and depressing. Over at DMM, viewers have rated this film very high (averaging in the 4.5 stars range) complimenting both the great story and the erotic performances of its stars.

TheReviewer IIIIIIIIII (10/10)
I think i’m on par with the DMM rating. The story is very good, レズ JAV-wise (even though i agree with JTM, the story gets a bit unncessarily dark at the end) and the sex scenes between Saki and Maki are absolutely awesome. Once again: Saki and Maki had great chemestry together (that’s probably also why i’m so much into the kissing scenes) and CAP did a great job at highlighting their bodies and their love making techniques. Ms. Kikkawa was awesome as an impartial observer who couldn’t get enough of Maki and Saki. It really fits.
And i, with my slight pantyhose/stocking fetish (which i may have because of this title) was really happy to see that they also set their focus on this particular fetish. Honestly: The first scene… you won’t get it out of your head, it’s too good.